The Haryana State Commission For Women today has written to the Vice Chancellor of the O.P. Jindal Global University informing that its Chairperson, Renu W. Bhatia would be paying an official visit to the university tomorrow i.e. November 07 in relation to the latest controversy involving Professor Sameena Dalwai, a law Professor.

"The compromise of privacy and dignity of students, especially female students, by the use of a dating app and obscene material by a faculty amounts to harassment. I'm appalled by such actions", commented Renu Bhatia on social media.

It was reported in the media that Professor Sameena Dalwai accessed a student’s dating application, “Bumble,” in front of the entire class. Reportedly, she engaged in a detailed discussion about the profile she accessed and displayed it on a screen in front of the class. The matter came out in public after a video of her displaying the dating website to students, apparently recorded by a student was shared on social media.

The video was shared widely on social media, leading to a demand for intervention from the Women's Commission, since the Professor's actions compromised the privacy of students, including female students.

Sameena Dalwai was in the news recently after the University organized a pro-Palestine event featuring activist and former professor, Professor Achin Vanaik, who made remarks that were perceived as derogatory against Hindus while expressing support for the Hamas. The speaker reportedly made controversial remarks during his speech, including that "Hindutva is fundamentally and foundationally anti-Muslim" and that "Understand one thing about suicide bombing, suicide bombing expresses above all the determination of not to kill so much as the determination to die", seemingly glorifying suicide bombing.

In her now widely circulated email, Sameena Dalwai responded to someone who opposed the talk by Achin Vanaik stating that the allegations of Hamas atrocities against Israeli civilians were "fake news" created by "Indian troll armies". She lamented India's response to the situation terming it "sad". "Otherwise, I hear chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ on campus, and I observe right-wing students and faculty organising their own events. I am tempted to react, but I choose to stay silent in favour of maintaining peace", she said in her email.

Renu W. Bhatia says in her post in relation to the Professor's remarks on Jai Shri Ram slogan, " is concerning to hear that the accused, Professor Sameena Dalwai, appears to have an issue with certain Hindu slogans, specifically "Jai Shri Ram," and labels students as right-wing, unacceptable students are students, one can not do politics at the cost of their wellbeing and career". The Women's Commission Chairperson has said Sameena Dalwai's comments in the email "breaches the right to equality and practice of religion guaranteed by Bharat’s constitution".

Renu Bhatia has said that she will conduct an investigation and meet with the Vice Chancellor and students of the law college. She has also said that the violation of the Constitution and the spread of hate crimes by Professors, who should serve as mentors and guides for students' development, cannot be tolerated. She has also tagged the Bar Council of India on her social media post.

"Several other additional accusations and shocking issues have also come to my knowledge that I will address following my initial investigation and meeting with the students and concerned authorities", Bhatia said in per post.

In October, 2021 a complaint was filed before the Bar Council of India seeking an enquiry into the viral video of Shruti Pandey, an Associate Professor of Legal Practice at Jindal Global Law School where she was seen saying, "Every Hindu practices untouchability" and that "If you are a Hindu, you will be practicing untouchability". (read report)

In February, 2022 a complaint was filed before the Bar Council of India and the Department of Higher Education regarding the video showing Arijeet Ghosh an assistant professor of Jindal Global Law School telling students that India is occupying Jammu and Kashmir. (read report)