A complaint has been filed before the Bar Council of India and the Department of Higher Education regarding the video that has become viral on social media, showing an assistant professor of Jindal Global Law School telling students that India is occupying Jammu and Kashmir.

In the video, Arijeet Ghosh is heard saying, "I call Jammu and Kashmir to be India Occupied Kashmir, although India tries to say that it is Indian territory… I definitely think it is an aspect of occupation, which is what Kashmiris also say very clearly".

The complaint filed by legal advocacy group Kerala People's Front highlights that in October, it had filed a complaint against another faculty member, Associate Professor Shruti Pandey. There the Associate Professor had told students, "Every Hindu practices untouchability" and "If you are a Hindu, you will be practicing untouchability".

The complaint states that the inaction of authorities on the previous complaint has emboldened the faculty to continue with feeding propaganda to students.

The complainant relies upon the Rules of Legal Education, 2008 made by the BCI to contend that the BCI has the power to revoke approval and recognition granted to the institution based on such inspection done regarding teaching and learning process, the standard of education etc.

The complaint states that the Assistant Professor is "feeding seditious and separatist venom to young law students with impressionable minds".

The complainant seeks action on the part of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education since it has recognised the law college as an institution of eminence. "It is the duty of the Ministry of Education to ensure that separatist ideologies are not propagated through an institution recognized by it as an "institution of eminence", the complaint states.