A complaint has been filed before the Bar Council of India (BCI) seeking an enquiry into whether the viral video of Shruti Pandey, an Associate Professor of Legal Practice at Jindal Global Law School in Sonipat, Haryana, is from a lecture delivered to law students of the institution.

The complaint has been filed by Kerala People's Front, a legal advocacy group, claiming that the Shruti Pandey has indulged in hate speech and that since Jindal Global Law School is recognized by the BCI, it has the power to take action in the case.

Shruti Pandey is seen saying in a video that has gone viral on social media that, "Every Hindu practices untouchability" and that "If you are a Hindu, you will be practicing untouchability". She says in the video that she was told this by Prof. Upendra Baxi and that the same is true according to her. She is heard asking listeners to go back and check how they practice untouchability. (watch video)

The complaint states that as per the 2008 Rules of Legal Education, the BCI has the power to monitor and inspect the "teaching and learning process" of an educational institution it has recognized. It also states that the BCI has the power to revoke approval and recognition granted by it, based on the report of the inspection or monitoring.

As per the complaint, "…such hateful remarks will have an adverse impact on the young minds of students. The remarks amounted to microaggression against Hindu students. The remarks reflect the hate, bias, and false notions in the mind of the speaker. Such remarks stigmatize and perpetuate false stereotypes about Hindus and hurt the sentiments of Hindu students".

The complaint is also addressed to the Ministry of Education, stating that Jindal Global Law School has been recognized as an institute of eminence by the Ministry of Education. The complaint states that, "It is the duty of the Ministry of Education to ensure that hateful propaganda is not taught to students through an 'institution of eminence'".

The complainant wants the BCI to find out if the remarks were made during a lecture to students and seeks action on the part of the BCI to ensure that "Jindal Global Law School does not provide a platform for hate speech in the future and that appropriate action is taken against Shruti Pandey by the institution, for her conduct".