The woman Advocates of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Indore Bench, celebrated International Women's Day on Tuesday at the High Court campus, Indore.

Chief Justice Ravi Malimath, while speaking at the event said that he was overwhelmed to see that so many women practice in the High Court and District Courts.

The Chief Justice congratulated the woman Advocates who organised such a grand Women's Day event. He added that it is very heartening to see so many woman lawyers gathered for the day and it is heartening to see that women are excelling in various fields.

He said that one-third of the judicial officers are women and they, with their excellent skills and capabilities, have helped in the justice dispensation system. "The woman lawyers have made their presence felt in the legal profession", he said, while adding that the judiciary is always keen to support woman lawyers.

The theme of the event was अहमस्मि योधः; I AM A FIGHTER and it witnessed the participation of more than 120 women lawyers.

Apart from the Chief Justice, Justice Vivek Rusia, Justice Vijay Kumar Shukla, Justice Subodh Abhyankar; Justice Anil Verma, Justice Satyendra Kumar Singh, Justice Rajendra Kumar Verma, Justice Pranay Verma and Justice Amarnath Kesharwani attended the function.

The event was also attended by Senior Advocate Prashant Singh, Advocate General of Madhya Pradesh and Additional Advocate General Pushyamitra Bhargav.

The Advocate General congratulated all the women lawyers on the occasion of International Women's Day and said that women lawyers have proved themselves. He added that in the Advocate General's office also, there is a sizable number of woman advocates who are doing well.

The Advocate General also said that he will make every endeavour to have a good representation of women lawyers in his office.

Keynote speaker, Deepali Khandelwal, Assistant Commissioner, Cooperative Societies, Indore, herself a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, shared her experiences and the difficulties she faced and how she won the battle with the support of woman lawyers of Indore. She reposed her faith in the judicial system of the country.

Yashasvi Shinde, Deputy Superintendent of Police and Pratiksha Nayyar, a prominent Youtube Influencer also spoke during the event.

On Tuesday, as a part of Women's Day 2022, the High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Indore Bench had listed several cases involving women litigants.