A letter petition has been filed before the Chief Justice of India seeking withdrawal of the oral remarks today by the Bench of Justice Surya Kant and Justice J. B. Pardiwala while hearing a plea by Nupur Sharma seeking consolidation of FIRs against her across the country.

The Petition claims that Nupur Sharma will be denied a fair trial after the oral observations of the Judges.

The letter petition has been filed by Ajay Gautam who claims to be a social activist. A copy of the petition has been marked to the President of India.

The Bench had today remarked that the outburst by Nupur Sharma was responsible for the incident of Udaipur where a tailor was beheaded on video for allegedly supporting Nupur Sharma who had made alleged blasphemous remarks about Prophet Muhammad.

Ajay Gautam says in his petition that the observations made by the Court are unwanted, uncalled for, without any merit and liable to be withdrawn.

He has framed a question in the petition -"Whether without trial or appeal or any judgment or finding of any court can this court made such statements which effect merit of the case as well as trial?"

He quotes from the judgment in the matter of NHRC v. State of Arunachal Pradesh (1996)1SCC742 which says that the state is bound to protect the life and liberty of every human-being, be he a citizen or otherwise, and it cannot permit anybody or group of persons, to threaten anyone.

He also contends that Nupur Sharma spoke the truth as per the Quran and haddies. He has said that the Court's observations will directly affect the merit of the case against Sharma and that she will be deprived of a fair trial and natural justice.

Ajay Gautam asks in the petition if the Hindus should also adopt the same line of action against those who speak against Hindu gods and goddesses.

He says that Sharma had only approached the Court for the transfer of FIRs and not for hearing her case on merit.

In addition to the request to treat the letter as a PIL, Ajay Gautam asks for suo motu transfer of all cases against Sharma to Delhi and fast-tracking of the trial.