The Bench of Justice Surya Kant and Justice J B Pardiwala made a very shocking and controversial remark while hearing a plea by Nupur Sharma seeking the transfer of FIRs registered against her across the country to Delhi where the first FIR was registered.

The Bench remarked that the outburst by Nupur Sharma was responsible for the incident of Udaipur where a tailor was beheaded on video for allegedly supporting Nupur Sharma who had made alleged blasphemous remarks about Prophet Muhammad, as has been reported by multiple news agencies.

There is already an uproar on social media against the remarks of the Bench, citing that the remarks suggest that extreme violence in response to words spoken is justifiable.

During the hearing, Senior Advocate Maninder Singh appeared for Nupur Sharma. He told the Court that the comments were made during a television debate.

The Court responded by asking "What is the business of the TV channel to discuss a matter that is sub-judis, except to promote a particular agenda?"

The Court also commented saying "These are people who are not religious. Religious people will respect other religions. It is for cheap publicity that these comments are made".

Maninder Singh also submitted that what Nupur Sharma spoke about was a matter of debate.

Maninder Singh relied upon the orders of the Supreme Court in the matter of Satinder Singh Bhasin and Arnab Goswami. Singh also pleaded that Sharma is a lawyer with more than ten years of practice saying, "Your lordships have put lawyers on a higher pedestal".

The Bench said, "Case of a journalist expressing his opinion is on a different pedestal compared to a citizen going on the channel and lambasting without thinking about consequences".

Maninder Singh responded by saying that the law laid down by the Court will apply to all citizens and not just journalists. He highlighted that Satinder Singh Bhasin is a businessman and not a journalist.

The Cout also observed that no action has been taken against Sharma despite the registration of FIRs. When Singh said that Sharma has joined the investigation in the FIRs, the Court said, "There must be red carpeting for you".

The Cout also said that Sharma's reluctance to approach the Magistrate's Court shows her "obstinate character". The Court said that she has a remedy of approaching the High Court.

The Bench also observed that her apology came "too late in the day" when Singh relied on the fact that she had apologised for her remark.

Maninder Singh withdrew the plea after the Bench made its mind clear that it is not inclined to allow her plea. The Court went to the extent of saying that even if the principle of law is as canvased by Maninder Singh, it cannot be applied to Sharma's case.