The Kerala High Court today came down heavily on the Petitioner seeking removal of the photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the Covid-19 vaccination certificates being issued by the government.

Justice P.V. Kunhikrishnan asked the Petitioner why he has not asked the University where he works to change its name since it is named after Jahwarlal Nehru.

"Why not ask the University to remove the name of Nehru", the Bench asked the counsel for the Petitioner.

It is the Petitioner's case that since he paid to obtain vaccination from a private hospital, the vaccination certificate given to him should not bear the photograph of the Prime Minister.

The Bench also asked the Petitioner why he is ashamed of the Prime Minister when 100 crore people of the country have no such issue.

The Bench also said that Modi became the PM since he has the mandate of the people and not in any other manner.

The Petitioner argued that he cant be compelled to see something. He argued that the vaccine certificate is a private space.

The Bench replied by asking the Petitioner if he closes his eyes when the PM is shown on television.

When the Petitioner argued that no other country displays the photo their leader on their vacine certificate, the Bench commented that they may not be proud of their PM, but we should be proud of ours.

the Assistant Solicitor General appearing for the Center has argued that no fundamental right of the Petitioner is violated due to the photograph of the PM on the vaccine certificate.

Earlier, another Bench that admitted the writ petition had indicated that it is not inclined to accept the argument of the Petitioner about his claimed right not to see the photograph of the PM on the certificate.