The Patiala House Court, New Delhi while dealing with a case related to a motor accident on January 30 saw a dead man i.e., the victim in the case named Narender Kumar present in the Court.

The Court issued directions to the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) for holding an inquiry and investigation in this matter. As per the record, the victim had met with a road accident and expired and his Death Certificate was also on record.

The Court also directed to ascertain if any MACT claim has been made on behalf of the man who was claimed to be dead.

Additional Sessions Judge Harjyot Singh Bhalla observed, “At this stage, the Process accompanying the copy of the Death Certificate has been perused. The Process Server Ct. Ashok Kumar, No. 886/SW, PS Delhi Cantt., has claimed that the photocopy of the death certificate was handed over by the father of the deceased Sh. Jaswant Singh. However, the LR present today submits that his father Sh. Jaswant Singh had expired in the year 1998.”

The judge further said that clearly, fraud seems to have been committed with the Court as the person appearing has shown his Aadhar Card.

Advocate T.D. Shukla appeared for the accused while APP Girish Kumar Manhas appeared for the State.

The Court noted that if the claim that the person before the Court is the injured Narender Kumar, then fraud was committed with the Court when the Death Certificate of the said victim was handed over to the Process Server to be furnished in Court.

“The present matter therefore requires inquiry/investigation inasmuch as the claim that Sh. Jaswant Singh had handed the death certificate also reeks of fraud as, as per the person present in Court today, Sh. Jaswant Singh had expired in the year 1998”, the Court asserted.

The Court further said that the copy of the Order be sent to the DCP concerned with the direction to immediately hold an inquiry and, if deemed necessary, direct investigation in the present matter.

“It be also ascertained whether any MACT claim has been made by any person qua the death of Sh. Narender or his mother in the present case and all details thereof. Photocopy of the death certificate, the report of the process server and the Aadhar Card of the person present in Court be also sent to the DCP concerned and the documents on record be separately sealed and tagged with the file”, the Court directed.

The Court has, therefore, listed the matter for next hearing on March 3, 2023.

Cause Title- Shrawan Kumar v. State

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