The National Green Tribunal has formed a joint Committee to ascertain the factual position on alleged violation of environmental norms at the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s official residence.

In view of above averments and significance of requirement of compliance for cutting trees and providing green belt as a condition for constructions in congested and polluted city of Delhi, we consider it necessary to ascertain the factual position by constituting a joint Committee…”, directed the NGT bench comprising Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, Justice Sudhir Agarwal, and Expert Member Dr. A. Senthil Vel.

An application was filed before the NGT against alleged violation of environmental norms in constructions at ‘6 Flag Staff Road and 45-47 Rajpur Road, New Delhi by PWD, Delhi’. It was alleged that in the course of development, permanent and semi-permanent constructions were raised and more than 20 trees cut.

The applicant alleged that the construction was raised illegally, ignoring the observations of Delhi Urban Art Commission for increasing the green area which ipso facto was violation of Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957 requiring valid approval for construction.

The applicant submitted that permissions for tree cutting were taken by alleged manipulation and circumvention. The applicant stated that "instead of disclosing that 28 trees were to be cut in which permission of higher authority was required, permissions were allegedly taken in instalments of less than 10 trees."

The NGT has directed that meeting of the Committee may be held within one week and report may be furnished within three weeks.

“The Committee will be free to interact with any other Department or Authority and undertake visit to the site. It may meet online or offline as may be found viable. If any violations are found, the Committee may take remedial action in coordination with the concerned statutory authorities, in accordance with law. It may give a copy of its report to alleged violators for response before this Tribunal, if any, before the next date.”, NGT added.

Cause Title- Naresh Chaudhary v. Union of India & Ors.

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