Additional District Judge Dinesh Kumar of Saket District Court today deferred the pronouncement of the order in an appeal against the order of the Civil Judge dismissing a petition seeking rights to worship for Hindus and Jains inside the Qutub Minar Complex.

The pronouncement of order was deferred because a new impleadment application was filed by Kunwar Mahendra Dhwaj Prasad Singh claiming that he is the heir of the United Provinces of Agra and the Qutub Minar and the Mosque are his property.

The Court asked the parties to file a reply to the application and has posted the case for the next hearing on August 24.

It has been claimed by the petitioners that the Mosque inside the Qutub Minar Complex namely Quwwat ul Islam Mosque, has been built after 27 Temples were destroyed.

The suit sought a declaration that principal deity Tirthankar Lord Rishabh Dev and principal deity Lord Vishnu, along with Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Goddess Gauri, God Sun, and Lord Hanuman including presiding deities of 27 temples, have the right to be restored and worshipped with rites and rituals, the performance of regular pooja within the alleged temple complex situated in the area.

Archaeological Survey of India had opposed the plea stating that Qutub Minar is a protected monument under Ancient Monuments Act and thus altering the structure is not possible.

The case was earlier posted before a Civil Judge where it was dismissed. While dismissing the case, the Civil Judge had said that India had a culturally rich history. It has been ruled over by numerous dynasties. During arguments, the counsel for the plaintiff has vehemently argued on the point of national shame. It was argued that nobody has denied that wrongs were committed in the past, but such wrongs cannot be the basis for disturbing the peace of our present and future.