Justice G.R. Swaminathan of the Madras High Court has written a letter to the Bar informing them of the new policy in his Court that young mothers can ask for a specific time slot to argue their case.

An incident involving a male lawyer expressing inconvenience for keeping his case at 4 pm since he had to pick up his child from school at 3:30 pm, prompted the Judge to issue the letter with the new policy.

The Court also observed that there are quite a few mothers practicing, who face similar difficulties.

The Judge said, "I think it is my duty to accommodate them. Such persons can very well inform the Court Officer in advance and ask for specific time slot."

The Court also said that those who seek concession should come well prepared with their case so that they consume minimum amount of time.

Further, Justice G.R. Swaminathan also said that the lawyers seeking concession must pass on the dates and events, case-laws on which they are going to rely, the propositions which they want to advance to the Court officer a day earlier.

However, this concession is available to the independent practitioners, those who are a part of an office cannot ask for a time slot for the benefit of their 'male seniors' the Judge said.

The Court also said that the new policy will come to effect on July 5.

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