An Advocate practicing in the Supreme Court has set a new world record with her book "Verse, Not Just Laws". The book has been recognized by the World Book of Records, London as the longest poem on the Constitution of India.

“The jury is glad to include for drafting a book titled “Verse, Not Just Laws”, a poetic version of the complete Constitution of India. The longest poem on the constitution of India spanning almost 120 pages and consisting around 26748 words on 17 March 2023.”, the letter by the World Book of Records, London read.

The poem written by Advocate Sonal Gupta covers every aspect of the Constitution of India, making it easy for everyone to understand their rights, duties, and promote constitutional literacy.

As per Sonal, her inspiration for writing the book came from an old lady who was living on the footpath, who was kicked out of her home. According to her, this incident strengthened her resolve to make the Constitution of India accessible to every individual in the country.

Her book "Verse, Not Just Laws" presents a unique approach to constitutional literacy, with rhythmic verses that make it easier to comprehend the complexities of the Constitution.

The book is yet to be published. As per Sonal, the book presents a valuable resource for every individual, including school children, who want to understand the Constitution of India and its relevance to their lives. Its poetic rendition of the Constitution makes it an engaging and accessible read, promoting constitutional literacy and understanding among all readers.

World Book of Records claims to recognize talents and capabilities in world records through international certification. It claims to honour personalities of outstanding contribution to the humanity.