A two-judge Bench of Justice SK Kaul and Justice MM Sundresh has held that the chairperson of NGO Suraz India Trust, Rajiv Daiya is guilty of contempt of court.

The Court observed that the contemnor is clearly guilty of contempt of court and his action to scandalize the Court cannot be countenanced.

Daiya had filed an application before the Court and sought to recall the 2017 judgment passed by the Apex Court which had ordered him to pay an amount of Rs. 25 lacs for filing over 64 PILs over many years, which were all unsuccessful, and for continuously misusing the jurisdiction of the Court.

The Bench opined that Rajiv Daiya has been throwing mud at all and sundry including the court, administrative staff, and the State Government.

The Court asserted that its power of contempt cannot be taken away by legislative enactment, while holding Daiya guilty of contempt for not paying the amount of Rs. 25 lacs for scandalizing and browbeating the Court.

Earlier, contempt notice was issued to Daiya by the Court to explain as to why he should not proceed against and sentenced for his endeavor to scandalize the Court, to which Daiya had replied that he did not have the resources to pay such an amount and would plead before the President of the country for mercy.

The Court has held that the money will be recovered as arrears of land revenue.

The Court adjourned the matter to October 7 for hearing him on the question of sentence.

With PTI Inputs