Around 600 lawyers from across the country, including prominent Senior Advocates Harish Salve, Vivek Sood, Kriti Uppal, Manan Kumar Mishra, Adish Aggarwala, Chetan Mittal, Pinky Anand, Archana Pathak Dave, Hitesh Jain, Ujjwala Pawar, Uday Holla, Swaroopama Chaturvedi, S. Ravi, SD Sanjay and MB Nargund have written a letter to Chief Justice DY Chandrachud expressing their concern in the manner in which “vested interest group” is trying to pressure and influence the judicial process and defame the courts based on stale political agendas.

The letter alleged that the pressure tactics were the most obvious in political cases, particularly the ones involving political figures accused of political cases.

The Letter stated, “This heated interest group operates in various ways. They create false narratives of a supposed ‘better past’ and 'golden period of the courts, contrasting it with the happenings in the present. These are nothing but intentional statements, made to sway court decisions and to embarrass the court's for certain political gains. It’s troubling to see some lawyers defend politicians by the day, and then try to influence judges through the media at night. Implying that the courts in the past were easier to influence shakes the public’s trust in them.”

The Letter also alleged the concoction of an entire theory of ‘bench fixing’. It stated, “They have also concocted an entire theory of ‘bench fixing’ - which is not just disrespectful and contemptuous —it’s an attack on the honour and dignity of our courts. At times, it also leads to slanderous attacks and insinuations on respected judges. They have also stooped to the level of comparing our courts to those countries where there is no rule of law and accusing our judicial institutions with unfair practices. These aren’t just criticisms; they are direct attacks meant to damage the public’s trust in our judiciary and threaten the fair application of our laws.”

It also contended the approach of “My way or highway”, that is, these vested interest groups hail any decision they concur with but trash, smear and disregard any decision they do not agree with.

Further, the letter addressed various apprehensions such as “Political Flip-flopping” and “Underhand Tactics and False Information”. “The timing of their modus operandi also merits closer scrutiny- they do it at very strategic timings, when the nation is all set to head into elections. We are reminded of similar antics in 2018-2019 when they took to their ‘hit and run’ activities, including fabricating wrong narratives.”, the Letter stated.

Consequently, the letter requested “Sir, in these tough times, your leadership is crucial. We trust you and all Hon'ble Judges to guide us through these issues and keep our courts strong. We are all in support of the judiciary, ready to do what’s needed to keep the respect and honesty in our legal system. Sir, we look forward to your decisive leadership.”

Recently, Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal had told a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court, upon his client being refused bail, that the history of this Court will not be written in golden words.

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