While speaking during the foundation stone laying event of a new court building in Pune, Justice Abhay Oka of the Supreme Court has called for avoiding doing Pooja, Archana or lighting lamps in events relating to the Judiciary.

Justice Oka is reported to have said, "Therefore sometime Judges have to say some unpleasant things, I want to say that now we have to stop doing pooja Archana or lighting lamp kind of rituals during any events related to Judiciary. Instead we should keep the Preamble of the Constitution and bow down to it to start any event. We need to start this new thing to respect our constitution and it's values ....".

Justice Oka also said that during his tenure as the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, he tried to stop such practices. "During my tenure in Karnataka I tried to stop such religious rituals but couldn't stop it completely but somehow managed reduce it", the Judge said as per the Economic Times.

As per the report, Justice BR Gavai of the Supreme Court, who did the "bhoomi pujan" of the new court building, agreed with Justice Oka on the issue.

"He has given a good suggestion. Instead of performing pooja of a specific religion we should mark the foundation with a spade. We should inaugurate the event by watering the plants instead of the lamp lighting ceremony as suggested by our colleague Anil Killore. It will definitely send out a good message to society in terms of environment", Justice Gavai said as per the report.

Apart from Justice Oka and Justice Gavai, Justice Prasanna B Varale of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyay and Justice Rvati Mohite Dere of the same High Court were present at the event.

Justice Oka is also reported to have said during the event, "This year on November 26, we will complete 75 years of adopting the Constitution given by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. I always feel that our constitution has two important words in the Preamble, one is secular and second is democracy. Some may say secularism means (Dharmnirpekshta or Sarv Dharm Sambhav) but I always feel the core of the judicial system is Constitution".