Union Minister Smriti Irani has sent a Legal Notice to Congress and its leaders for alleging that her 18 year old daughter was running an illegal bar in Goa.

"Our client's daughter, Ms. Zoish Irani has never been involved in "running" a bar in Goa. She has never applied for any license for "running" any bar or for any business enterprise. Moreover, she has not been served with any show cause notice from the Exercise Department, Goa till date", the notice sent thought Kirat Singh Nagra, Partner of DSK Legal says.

While terming the allegations false and baseless, Smriti Irani has sought a written unconditional apology from three congress leaders namely, Pawan Khera, Jairam Ramesh and Netta D'Souza.

"Our Client is distressed that these allegations have been made with the knowledge of their falsity or at least in careless disregard of the truth", the notice says.

"The false allegations were intended to hurt the reputation of our client as a minister and a person in public life, and also to outrage her modesty and that of her daughter. These are serious offences under the Indian Penal Code and also a tort making the addresses liable to penal damages.", the notice sent by her lawyer read.

The legal notice also stated that her daughter has never been involved in running a bar in Goa and never applied for any license for running any bar or business enterprise.

The Legal notice sent by lawyers of Smriti Irani further stated- "The Addresses have stooped to a new low, morally and ethically, by attacking our client's 18 year old daughter who is in her first year at university and at the threshold of a new chapter of her life pursuing her professional aspirations. These aspirations of our client's (Irani) daughter are sought to be cruelly marred, jeopardised and prejudiced by the addressees (Congress leaders) through their inhumane, insensitive and false narratives as collateral damage."

Apart from seeking a written apology, the legal notice has sought for withdrawal of allegations from all social media platforms.

"...ensure that all the record of the Allegations is permanently deleted and the same is never disseminated/re-circulated in future;", the notice read further.

The legal notice also warned that if apology is not tendered and allegations are not withdrawn, Irani would initiate civil and criminal proceedings against them.

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