The Registrar (Protocol) of the Allahabad High Court has directed the North Central Railways General Manager to submit their response regarding the inconvenience caused to a Judge of the High Court, Justice Gautam Chowdhary during his train journey on 8th July from Delhi to Prayagraj.

Justice Gautam Chowdhary was travelling with his spouse, and the train was more than three hours late. Justice Chowdhary intimated the TTE but despite such intimation, no GRP personnel was found in the coach.

The letter, dated 14 July 2023 reads, “The Train was more than three hours late. Inspite of repeated intimation to the T.T.E, no G.R.P personnel were found in the coach to meet the requirements as desired by His Lordship. Further, no Pantry Car workers attended His Lordship for providing refreshments despite repeated calls. Moreover, when the call was made to the Pantry Car manager Mr. Raj Tripathi, the call was not picked up”.

The Registrar has asked for an explanation from the North Central Railway General Manager along with Pantry Manager and the GRP personnel regarding the inconvenience caused to him.

In this context, the letter reads, “In this regard, the Hon'ble Judge has desired, that explanation may be called from the erring officials of the Railways, the G.R.P Personnel and the Pantry Car Manager pertaining to the inconvenience caused to His Lordship due to their conduct and dereliction of duty…I, therefore, request you, kindly call the explanation of the concerned officials and send to this Hon'ble Court, so that, the same may be placed before His Lordship for kind perusal”.

Justice Gautam Chowdhary was elevated from the bar as an Additional Judge of the Allahabad High Court on 12 December, 2019 and was made permanent on 26 March, 2021.