A day after a low-intensity explosion took place inside Rohini District Court, the Delhi Police has no leads about the culprits, even as the security personnel are checking CCTV cameras at the court premises and probing the incident from all angles.

The police is also investigating a possible terror angle.

Naib Court Head Constable Rajeev was injured in the explosion that took place on Thursday, creating panic among lawyers and the public and raising questions about security arrangements there.

The explosion took place inside courtroom number 102 that belongs to Metropolitan Magistrate Prituraj.

The powder recovered from the spot seems to be ammonium nitrate, however, it has been handed over to the National Security Guard (NSG) who will ascertain more details about the substance.

It is learned that the explosive was planted in a tiffin inside a laptop bag. Battery parts along with electric wires were also recovered from the site. It appears that a battery was set up for the explosion.

It is reported that the explosive had shrapnel. But it seems like it was not assembled properly and only the detonator exploded.

Meanwhile, the Police checked CCTV footage of two hours, from 8 am to 10 am, of three entry gates and found that around 250 cars entered the court on the day of the incident. The owners will be called for questioning.

Police said they are checking all the CCTV cameras installed in the court premises.

According to court officials, there are around 75 cameras in Rohini court premises. However, there is no camera at the corridor and inside room number 102 where the incident took place. The cameras are installed at the main gates, court hall area and the police post.

The case related to alleged illegal stocking and distribution of COVID-19 drugs by Gautam Gambhir Foundation and two AAP leaders is listed before Metropolitan Magistrate Prituraj. He had adjourned the hearing in the case to February 7, 2022.

With PTI inputs