The National Commission for Women has issued a notice to the Registrar General of the Tamil Nadu High Court on a complaint that the newly inaugurated Court complex in Ooty, Nilgiris lack toilet facility for women lawyers.

The Commission has issued notice today to M. Jothiraman, the Registrar General of the Madras High Court on a complaint by Advocate Aditya Kashyap.

As per the complaint, the new court complex was inaugurated in June, 2022 and though it has several amenities and facilities, it lacks a designated toilet that women lawyers can access. "This oversight has left women lawyers in an uncomfortable and undignified position, having to struggle with basic sanitation needs while performing their professional duties", the complaint said.

"It is disheartening to learn that the women lawyers in Nilgiris have been demanding a toilet in the court complex for the past 25 years without any resolution. This prolonged neglect of their legitimate and basic requirement is not only a violation of their rights but also hinders their ability to carry out their legal responsibilities effectively", the notice states.

The notice issued by the Chairperson of the NCW, Rekha Sharma asks the Registrar General to take immediate cognizance of the matter and intervene to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to address the issue.

"Providing a separate and fully functional toilet facility for women lawyers is not only a matter of gender equality and dignity but also an essential step towards creating an inclusive and conducive environment for all legal professionals", the notice says.

The NCW has asked for an action taken report within three days from the Registrar General.

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