Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the country cannot function with a dual system of laws. He said that the Supreme Court has time and again said that Uniform Civil Code must be implemented.

The Prime Minister was addressing BJP workers at an event in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He said that people are being incited in the name of Uniform Civil Code. "Muslims in India should understand which political party is inciting and exploiting them. Nowadays we see that in the name of Uniform Civil Code, people are being incited", PM said.

Please tell me if a house can function properly if there are different laws for members of the family, the PM asked. The audience replied by saying "No". "Then how can the country function with such a dual system of laws", the PM asked.

The Prime Minister said that we must remember that uniform laws for citizens is mentioned in the Constitution of India.

"The Supreme Court has time and again said that Uniform Civil Code must be brought. But these people who are hungry for vote bank....", the Narendra Modi said.

The Prime Minister also spoke about Triple Talaq. "I feel that whoever speaks in favour of Triple Talaq is doing grave injustice to Muslim women due to their hunger for vote bank", PM said. He said that the issue of Triple Talaq is not only about women but it affects the entire family. "Triple Talaq not only does injustice to women but entire families are destroyed. Many Muslim majority countries have banned Triple Talaq", PM said.

He said that he was in Egypt a few days back and that country with more than 90% of its population being Sunni Muslims ended Triple Talaq around 90 years back. "If Triple Talaq is an essential part of Islam, why does it not happen in Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Jordan, Syria or Bangladesh which are Muslim majority countries", the PM asked.

"I feel that by keeping the sward of Triple Talaq hanging over the heads of Muslim daughters, some people want a license to mistreat women. These are the people who support Triple Talaq", PM Modi said while answering a question from a party worker.