Chief Justice of India, D.Y. Chandrachud, today, along with the other Judges of the Apex Court, officially launched a distinctive cafe in the Supreme Court premises operated by a team of individuals with special abilities. The cafe, "Mitti Cafe: Magic of Abilities," is located within the Supreme Court complex.

Following the inauguration, at the commencement of the Court hearing, the Chief Justice of India announced, "If you go down the grand staircase, on the right there is a small cafe and a place to sit, called Mitti Cafe. Everyone there, who runs the cafe, is disabled and I hope the lawyers will support them. It is a joint venture between all of us to encourage the disabled."

Echoing this sentiment, Attorney General R. Venkatramani added, "It is a wonderful act of compassion." The CJI also informed that the Mitti Cafe organization has 38 centres across India served and served 6 million meals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The establishment of Mitti Cafe in the Supreme Court will serve the noble purpose of generating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Mitti Social Initiative Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the cause of employment and livelihood for people with special needs. They work towards economic independence and dignity for adults with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities and persons from other vulnerable communities. The organisation’s outreach initiatives also help create awareness about inclusion and disability rights.