Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan today refused to speak to two news channels during his press conference regarding the on going tussle with the state government regarding the appointment of vice-chancellors of universities.

"I will not talk to MediaOne. You are settling scores with me for the Shah Bano. You are carrying a campaign against me", the Governor said.

The Governor said that he will not address the media unless representatives of Malayalam news channels MediaOne and Kairali TV leave the premises. While the telecast of MediaOne was restricted by the Central Government, they are still operating based on interim order from the Supreme Court and a Bench headed by Justice D. Y. Chandrachud has reserved the case for Judgment. Kairali TV is generally considered to be supportive of the ruling party in Kerala, the CPIM.

"They are carrying a campaign based on total falsehood. I will not talk to them," the Governor said.

"I consider the media very important. I have always responded to the media. But I am not now able to persuade myself to those who masquerade as media, but they actually are members of the cader party," an angry Governor said.

The Governor addressed the media only after the MediaOne representative present at the venue left.

In 1986 Arif Mohammad Khan resigned as a Minister from the Rajiv Gandhi government protesting against its stand on Shah Bano judgment of the Supreme Court which was undone by the Government by bringing a legislation, which was considered anti-women.

With respect to the recent order of the state government sanctioning 47 lakh rupees to Lawyers in Delhi for a legal opinion, the Governor said "It means that the legal system of the Kerala government is totally incompetent. What does it mean otherwise?", the Governor said.

"It was this Advocate General who mislead me to believe that in the case of Kannur (appointment of Kannur University vice-chancellor) that what he is suggesting is legal. Now Supreme Court has said it is illegal", the Governor said.

The Kerala Government had recently sanctioned an amount of Rs. 30 Lakhs to Senior Advocate Fali Nariman, Rs. 9.9 Lakhs to Advocate Subhash Sharma, Rs. 4 Lakhs to Advocate Lzafeer Ahmad and Rs. 3 Lakhs to Vinod K. Anand, Clerk "towards professional fee for providing written legal opinion in Re Kerala Legislative Assembly Bills", as per a government order of November 3.