Advocate Vineet Jindal has filed a letter petition before the Supreme Court seeking direction to the Center to provide adequate security to Hindu Minorities in Kashmir immediately.

The Advocate has also sought an investigation of the recent killings of Hindus in Kashmir by the NIA along with a "special delegated unit to structure and administer a system to ensure the safety and security to minority groups in Kashmir".

Vineet Jindal refers to the killing of a school teacher, Rajni Bala on May 31 and says that "this is the seventh targeted killing in May in Kashmir. Earlier, three policeman and three civilians were killed by militants in targeted attacks".

"The chain of events of target killing of Hindus have evoked a feeling of agony, fear and insecurity among the minorities of Hindus residing in Kashmir and this incident has further added to the fears of Hindus residing in Kashmir. These killings certainly ensure the motives of the culprits to keep these Hindus in fear of death that hovers over them all the time", the Petition says.

The Lawyer says that such killings have created uncertainty and vulnerability among the Hindus residing in Kashmir and devoiding them from exercising their right under Article 21 by the Constitution of India. "These target killings are an open challenge to the principles laid down by the Constitution of India and has questioned the sovereignty of our country. These target killings are not only an attempt to create fear among Kashmir residing Hindus but also an attempt to wage war and unrest in the country. This systematic targeting of the Hindus has created a sense of fear, vulnerability and insecurity among the Hindu community living in the valley," says the Petition.

Vineet Jindal has prayed for issuance of the following directions to the Government of India:

"1. Provide adequate security to Hindu minorities in Kashmir on immediate basis.

2. Establish a special delegated unit to structure and administer a system to ensure the safety and security to minority groups in Kashmir.

3. Investigate the recent killing of Hindu minorities by the National Security Agency.

4. Grant Rs.1,00,00,000/- as Compensation to the family of the Hindus Victims of Target Killings and Government Job to one family Member."

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