A student from the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam has requested the Attorney General of India for consent to initiate criminal contempt proceedings against Raut. The petition alleges that a contemptuous post was made by Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Twitter.

"This post, based on the distorted facts, inspired by malice, not only erodes the trust in the institution of justice by casting aspersions on the justice delivery mechanism, but also interferes with administration of justice, and for the reasons as stated below, amounts to committing 'criminal contempt'", the petition seeking sanction reads.

Saket Sourav alleges that the Raut's post insinuated motive to the Judges, and their judgment, and portrayed them as fallen and responsible for the crumbling of democracy in Maharashtra.

He further alleges that the tweet and the publication thereof, scandalized the Supreme Court.

He has also alleged that such contemptuous posts by politicians and public influencers carry greater significance and pose a challenge because of the influence they have over public opinion.

"…it is imperative that contempt proceedings are initiated against him so as to create a deterrence amongst influencers and public figures against scandalising the judiciary", the plea further says.

He has requested the Attorney General for India to initiate adequate and proper action, as the apex law officer of the nation, against the alleged continuous mala fide posts and the individuals behind such handles, so that a precedent is established.

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