Kapil Sibal, speaking at an event on Saturday said that he has no hope left in the Supreme Court. He had urged people to come out on the streets since Supreme Court will not give them any relief.

During his speech, Sibal also criticized the Judiciary for the judgments delivered in some of the cases where he had appeared for the losing side.

Sibal's remarks have invoked sharp opinions from various quarters. Two lawyers, Vineet Jindal and Shashank Shekhar Jha have sought sanction from the Attorney General to initiate contempt proceedings against Sibal for his remarks.

The Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju yesterday termed the remarks "unfortunate and condemnable". He said that the way the Courts are being attacked poses a danger to the system itself.

"They don't believe in any kind of rule of law that is prevalent in the Country. They are so used to it. The Congress Party has been attacking the constitutional authorities from before. They disregard any kind of freedom or independence enjoyed by the constitutional authorities", the Miniter said while speaking to the media.

The Minister told that the statements of Sibal betray a mindset. "For Congress Party and like-minded people, Court or any Constitutional authority must favour them or work according to their interest. Whenever Constitutional authorities or Courts give a judgement against their mindset, they start attacking the constitutional authorities themselves", Kiren Rijiju said.

He also said that "It is very very sad for the entire country that prominent leaders and parties are criticizing Constitutional authorities, be it Supreme Court, High Court, Election Commission or any other improtant agency. These agencies and institutions are absolutely autonomous and they work according to the rule of law, guided by the statutes. Our government is absolutely clear that the Country must be governed by the Constitutional proprieties as well as rule of law".