Union Law & Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju said yesterday that appearing before lower courts does not make any lawyer's stature small.

He said that no court is superior to another, but some courts have the authority to hear appeals and it does not make them superior.

He criticized the way in which some lawyers get an early hearing in the Supreme Court. "Dukh ki bat ye he ki Supreme Court me kuch vakeel aise hote hai, unka turant date lag jata hai", the Minister said.

He said that there are some Lawyers, who get all the big cases and they earn crores of rupees. He said that such lawyers were so busy that they were appearing in multiple courts simultaneously through virtual hearings during the pandemic. He said that it is a sad situation if people go to some lawyers thinking that the lawyer has a high reach and can do "fixing".

He said that "big lawyers" should give opportunities to new junior lawyers and "teach them".

Kiren Rijiju also said that judges will have to face public scrutiny even though they are unelected. He said that a proposal pending before him, if approved, will be the largest project in history for the judiciary, involving many thousand crores.

The Minister was speaking at the 16th National Conference of Akhil Bharatiya Adhivaktha Parishad at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, on the subject, "New Challenges and Opportunities before the Indian Judicial System".

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