Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju has said that the issue of enhancing the retirement age of judges of the higher judiciary should be comprehensively considered along with measures to ensure transparency and accountability in making appointments to the higher judiciary.

"It would also be appropriate if the increase in retirement age is comprehensively considered along with other measures to ensure transparency and accountability in making of appointments to the Higher Judiciary", Rijiju said in his letter addressed to Rajya Sabha MP P. Wilson.

The letter of the Minister was in response to the Zero Hour speech in the Parliament by the MP about the need to increase the retirement age of High Court judges from 62 to 65 and of the Supreme Court judges from 65 to 70 years.

"Sir, there is a broad based consensus among all parties and the Hon'ble members that it is time we increase the age of retirement of judges, to strengthen our judiciary which is suffering from vacancies and large pendency of cases", P. Wilson had said during his speech in February 2022.

"With advancement in technology and medicine, we are healthier than ever and are able to function well in our seventies, even eighties. Our learned Attorney General for India is 90 years of age and we all know he is highly effective", he had said.

In response to the speech, the Law Minister by his letter of April 13 has said that the issue needs a holistic approach. "....this issue needs a holistic approach as it has implications over the entire court eco system including Tribunals etc. and also other functionaries of the government", the MInister has said.

"..the issue of enhancement of retirement age of Judges of the High Courts would require broad-based consultation with the Learned Attorney General for India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Legal Affairs, Legislative Department, Legal Luminaries and other Stakeholders", the Minister said in his letter.