The Ministry of Law and Justice has sought action by the Bar Council of Kerala against the President of the Kerala High Court Advocates' Association, Advocate Saiby Jose Kidangoor.

The Ministry has forwarded a complaint by some Advocates of the Kerala High Court against Saiby Kidangoor to the Bar Council seeking further action in the matter.

The complaint addressed to Law Minister Kiren Rejiju states that Saiby Kidangoor has a close acquaintance with most of the Judges of the Kerala High Court and he attracts clients by showing his pictures along with Judges, claiming that he can procure favourable orders by bribing them.

"Some of the Judges of in High Court of Kerala are his friends, colleagues and relatives. He himself claims openly as agent of Judges in Kerala and calls most of the senior judges as his uncles and brothers", says the complaint.

The complaint says that the complainants apprehend that Saiby Kidangoor may influence the investigation against him using his alleged closed acquaintance with the Chief Justice of Kerala.

The complaint appears to be from anonymous senders, stating that since Saiby has influence among high police officials and politicians, the complaining lawyers are "scared" of disclosing their names.

The letter of the Ministry mentions the name of Sunny Mathew as the applicant to whom the action taken in the matter is to be communicated by the Bar Council.

However, Advocate Sunny Mathew has denied sending any complaint against Advocate Saiby Jose Kidangoor to the Law Minister, on social media.

The Secretary of the Bar Council of Kerala has said that the Council has decided to initiate suo moto action in the matter and seek an explanation from Saiby Kidangoor about the allegations raised against him. He has also said that since there is no clarity as to who has sent the complaint, the Bar Council will seek further details from the Ministry.

He said that further action in the matter will be taken after the explanation is received from Saiby Kidangoor.

Earlier, the High Court had recalled its order granting bail to the accused in a case, who were represented by Saiby Kidangoor and with respect to which case, there was an allegation that Saiby Kidangoor collected Rupees 50 Lakhs from the accused to bribe the High Court Juge to obtain a favourable order.