Last week, the Vice-Chancellor of OP Jindal Global University, Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar has issued a "letter of warning" to Professor Sameena Dalwai, who had raised objections to Hindu students chanting 'Jai Shri Ram,'. The letter records that the Law Professor has "acknowledged the breach on her part" and tendered her apology.

Earlier, the Haryana State Commission For Women had written to the Vice-Chancellor of the University informing that the Commission's Chairperson, Renu W. Bhatia would be paying an official visit to the University in relation to the controversy involving Professor Sameena Dalwai.

Sameena Dalwai had objected to students chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' through an email supporting a pro-Palestine event featuring activist and former professor, Professor Achin Vanaik, who had made remarks that were perceived as derogatory of Hindus while expressing support for Hamas.

It was also reported that the Law Professor had accessed a student’s dating application, “Bumble,” in front of the entire class, thereby violating the privacy of the students.

The Vice-Chancellor in his warning letter wrote, “You (Sameena Dalwai) have failed in exercising due diligence and acted irresponsibly and thereby failed the university in its promise to create a safe space for its students.”

The Vice-Chancellor noted Dalwai's acceptance of the accusations and emphasized the need for respectful intellectual conversations in the university's democratic and inclusive space. He added, “We have noted that you have realized this mistake. We extend a letter of warning to you so that it shall not be repeated in future and that there will be no further condonation on our part to such acts.”

The Vice-Chancellor warned, “We issue a warning to you that you shall remain aware of the dialogical proprieties and engage in respectful intellectual conversations with peers and students, even with and those who have viewpoints diametrically opposite to yours. There shall be no repetition of the violations in question.

The letter of the Vice-Chancellor was published on X (earlier Twitter) by Renu Bhatia.

Separately, the Registrar of OP Jindal Global University has issued a letter addressing academic-turned-activist Achin Vanaik regarding his alleged anti-Hindu remarks made during a lecture on Palestinian history earlier in November.

Professor Dabiru Shridhar Patnaik expressed regret for remarks unrelated to the lecture's subject, particularly stating that Hindutva is anti-Muslim. The Registrar criticized Vanaik's comments on the motivation of suicide bombers, perceiving them as sympathetic rather than a clear condemnation. He wrote, “I deeply regret that some remarks you made in your lecture were gratuitous and unrelated to its subject. Our faculty acted in good faith and, out of great respect for you, invited you to address our students.”

He added, “For our students and faculty, it was informative to learn that Zionism is not anti- Muslim. But it was unnecessary and objectionable that you added that Hindutva is anti-Muslim.”

The Registrar emphasized the vulnerability of the university when scholars fail to exercise prudence on sensitive subjects. He specifically mentioned, “Unfortunately, when a scholar as distinguished as you are fails in the responsibility to exercise prudence when speaking about sensitive subjects, our university is rendered vulnerable.

Vanaik had asserted that Zionism is anti-Palestinian, not anti-Muslim, and claimed Hindutva is fundamentally anti-Muslim. Additionally, he praised suicide bombing as an effective tool for Islamic Jihadi terrorists. The Registrar urged, “I earnestly hope that you will acknowledge these observations, made in my capacity as the Registrar, are reasonable. They call for your regret for bringing upon our university charges of insensitivity and irresponsibility. Therefore, I look to you to introspect on the consequences of your remarks and join me in sincerely regretting what happened.

The aforesaid letter of the Registrar of the University has also been put out by the Chairperson of the Haryana State Commission For Women on social media.