The Kerala Minister for Fisheries and Cultural Affairs Saji Cheriyan triggered a controversy by saying that the Indian Constitution is suited to exploit/loot the people.

The Member of the Legislative Assembly belonging to the CPI(M) said "The Constitution was prepared by the British and the Indians wrote it down. As a result of its implementation in the Country over the past 75 years, no matter who says otherwise, I will say that the Constitution is most suited for exploitation".

He also said, "The richest person is able to conquer the world. Naturally, when such a process happens, the government will always side with such process. To protect such economic policy and interests, suppressing the majority, the government, judiciary and the executive will be on the same side".

He added that some words like "democracy" and "secularism" have been inserted into it, while delivering a public address at Mallappally in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala.

As per reports, the CPI(M) has come out in support of the statement by the Minister.

As per reports, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has asked Kerala's Chief Secretary to submit the video of the Minister's speech.

Saji Cheriyan is a Minister since May 2021 after being elected from the Chengannur assembly constituency of Kerala.