The Association of Indian Americans had organized a felicitation for the Chief Justice of India, Justice N V Ramana at San Francisco. On this occasion, the Chief Justice addressed the gathering.

"You have already integrated yourself with the American society. It is time now for you people to enter public life and policy making" Justice Ramana said.

Justice Ramana said that when he visited San Franciso three decades ago, there were very Indians and that now it was a mini-India comprising of people from various Indian states. Highlighting the contributions made by the Indian Diaspora in building a modern America, he spoke about the massive bilateral goods trade worth 113 billion dollars that was carried out in 2021. He was also delighted to mention of the 50% of Business-to-Business Start-Ups in Silicon Valley that were found or funded or being run by Indians.

Justice N V Ramana praised the active contributions made by Indian Americans for the welfare of India stating that they have, in their own ways contributed to building two nations (US and India) simultaneously. He elucidated that this expressed their undying love for their homeland, which is evident from the largest Indian Independence Day parade, outside of India, taking place in the US. He expressed the hope that wherever Indians go, they shall carry the Indian Values of care, respect, fraternity and tolerance.

The Chief Justice of India went on to discuss about the Information Technology Revolution that changed the fates of not just Indians, but the world as a whole, calling it the new leveler. He pointed out that though India lacked the infrastructure and qualified manpower at the initial stages of the IT boom, the presence of large number of Indian Americans and cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi etc., investing heavily in infrastructure and incentivizing entrepreneurship has placed India in the big leagues now.

Justice N V Ramana stressed that the solid foundation laid down by some leaders and Chief Ministers which ensures that business schools, law schools and professional colleges in India are able to produce requisite professional manpower to serve the world, should not be disturbed. He further adds that no sensible Government would alter policies so as to slow down or halt the growth of the nation and that unfortunately such sensibility is often not witnessed in India, especially when there is a change in Government.

Justice N V Ramana encouraged Indians to become the forefront of Innovation by stating that they are the mind, energy and engine for the growth of global economy and that Indians should start thinking like the leaders or employers and not as one of the thousands of employees.

Talking of his visit to the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Justice N V Ramana elucidated the striking similarities between the journeys of India and the US to become independent Constitutional Democracies. He pointed out that in both these nations, declaration of independence was followed by intense debates in the Assemblies on the Constitutions.

Justice N V Ramana shed light on the ongoing state of affairs in India stating that the expectations of the party in power to receive judicial endorsement to every governmental action and the opposition to counter such actions in furtherance of their political causes and positions are flawed. Justice N V Ramana expressed that the judiciary being the only independent organ, its members are answerable to the Constitution alone.

Justice N V Ramana said that to enforce the checks and balances envisioned in the Constitution we must promote a Constituional Culture in India and that there is a need to spread awareness about the roles and responsibilities of individuals and institutions.

Justice Ramana explained that the tolerance and inclusive nature of Amercian Society has attracted the best of talents from all over the world, and enabled its growth. He added that inclusivity strengthens the unity in society, and is a key to peace and progress. He urged Indian to focus on that which unites us, rather than that which divides us.

Addressing the Indian Amercians, Justice N V Ramana said that the litmus test for true success for Indian Americans would remain to be the honour and respect they command in their homeland, by contributing in their own ways, to the improvement of Indian society. Justice N V Ramana went on to urge the Indian Americans to enter public life and policy-making, suggesting that by doing so they would be able to do a lot more to their community and US, by winning the faith of the people.