The Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) is a common platform for information exchange and analytics of all the pillars of the criminal justice system.

It was developed for the process of speedy justice by facilitating data exchange between the Courts, Police/Prosecution, Jails, and Forensic labs.

On 16th December a two-day Conference on Good Practices in CCTN/ICJS was inaugurated in New Delhi. State/UTs DGPs and other senior officers had joined virtually. The three best performing States/UTs were given awards in each of the ICJS Pillars namely –

i) Police;

ii) Prisons;

iii) Prosecution; and

iv)) Forensic.

For the State of Madhya Pradesh, the following pillars of ICJS were given three awards –

  • ICJS award 1st position under pillar – Police
  • ICJS award 2nd position under pillar – Prosecution
  • ICJS award 3rd position under pillar – Forensic

The ICJS Project in Madhya Pradesh is under the aegis of the e-Committee of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and under constant monitoring and guidance of the Computer and e-Court Committee, Madhya Pradesh High Court.

The Computer and e-Committee is working under the leadership of Hon'ble Shri Justice Ravi Malimath, the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court.

The various organs including the pillars of ICJS namely Courts, Police, Prison, Forensic and Prosecution along woth National Informatic Centre have been working together for the successful implementation and effective operation of ICJS in Madhya Pradesh.