The Human Rights Defense International (HRDI) an organization working in the area of Human Rights concerns of Hindus and Sikhs in the countries neighbouring India has written a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah raising concerns about the welfare of Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In its letter addressed to the Home Minister, the Secretary-General of HRDI, Rajesh Gogna has stated that HRDI has been demanding food, shelter health, and educational facilities for the Hindu and Sikh refugees since 2005, but no such facility has been provided to them till date. Hindu refugees from Pakistan are still living in the open with no medical, academic, or financial support from any Government institutions.

The letter says that the organization was distressed over the declaration by the Government of India of its decision to shift all Rohingya refugees to EWS flats in Bakkarwala, New Delhi. However, the organization has appreciated the decision of the Government taken later, stating that the 240 EWS flats at Bakkarwala, New Delhi would not be allotted to the Rohingya refugees.

Further, the HRDI has requested the Home Minister that since 240 EWS flats are readily available, all those flats be allotted to Hindu refugees from Pakistan as Hindu refugees have first claimed the resources of the Government, being the obligation of the two-nation theory.

It has also mentioned that they sincerely believe that once the Hindu refugees are shifted to those flats, sufficient medical and educational facilities shall be provided to them by the Government.

Additionally, the HRDI has in good faith offered to render services to the office of the Home Minister to facilitate the allotment and shifting of Hindu refugees from Pakistan to those flats.

The letter states that HRDI is supporting the cause of Hindu and Sikhs refugees since 2005. It also says that the organisation has organized camps for Hindu refugees from Pakistan at Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi in the year 2010 and that HRDI is espousing the cause of Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan.