In an address aimed at young legal professionals, Vice President of India Jagdeep Dhankhar commented against foreigners lecturing India on ‘Judicial Behaviour.’

"There are people in the world who want to lecture us on our judicial Behavior...but can you look in the world around and find another judicial institution that is as independent, as enormously talented as ours," the Vice President said.

The Vice President in his address commended India's robust judicial mechanism as "a Judiciary that is fair, independent, firm and ever ready. It is citizen centric institution that will take a big leap when institutions work in their domain. They must work in tandem, but there will always be issues. There can be no day when there will be not an issue between Judiciary and Executive; Judiciary and legislature will overcome that by dialogue, deliberation and discussion."

The Vice-President addressed the ‘American Bar Association (ABA) India Conference 2024- The Global Lawyers' Summit’ on 'Harmonising Horizons - Uniting Law, Governance, and Philanthropy in India and the West' in New Delhi on March 28.

"Some people from a sovereign platform, in ignorance of what is the ground reality in this country, are trying to teach lessons to us. That this is discriminatory," the Vice President remarked the same in the wake of comments by representatives of some foreign countries and international organisations on the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the liquor scam.

"In the face of headwinds where Global economies have collapsed, the challenges others have been decimated, India has marched ahead from being part of fragile five economies just a decade ago we are now amongst the five," the Vice President said.

"Lawyers as a community are well suited to contribute to Global Peace Harmony development...but this can happen only when we realize our spinal strength."

Recalling his journey in the legal profession, the Vice President reminisced about his early struggles and eventual success as a Senior Advocate.

"Look at the big change that is taking place in this country. I appeal to you also that you are young minds who can catalyze big change. You must persuade young minds that there are new opportunities available to you. They must come out of silos," the Vice President remarked.

He urged young professionals to take pride in India's achievements and contribute to the country's growth and development.

"Your silence on these issues will ever resonate in your ears that there was a time when you could contribute to the growth of this great nation," he said.

Observing India's strides in various fields, including digital penetration and economic growth, the Vice President called on young professionals to embrace opportunities and overcome challenges. He urged them to reject pessimism and embrace a spirit of nationalism, emphasizing the importance of speaking out on public platforms and social media.

"In this context, I'm telling you that there are people in this country and outside also who find it very difficult to digest our growth. The world is stunned; everyone is applauding. But some of us are setting afloat narratives that are sinister, pernicious, demeaning our progress, tainting our institutions. We must guard against them," he asserted.

In his concluding remarks, the Vice President also pointed out how India had become a "favourite destination" and a "hot spot of investment and opportunity."