Four Ex-servicemen have written a letter to the K. Gopalakrishna Kurup, the Advocate General of Kerala protesting against the remarks of Resmitha Ramachandran, a State Government Pleader at the Kerala High Court, on Facebook, "celebrating" the death of the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat.

In a Facebook post, the newly appointed Government Pleader for the State of Kerala in the High Court had said that "death doesn't make a person holy", after referring to General Rawat's stand on stone pelters in Kashmir, among other issues.

The Veterans from all the three armed forces have request the AG to "take action against her to ensure that the sacred freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by our Constitution is not abused by a person who serves at the temple of justice."

Captain Sundaran K.and Ranganathan D who have retired from the Indian Army, Veteran Sergeant Sanjayan S. from the Indian Air Force and Somasekharan CG, a Navy Veteran are the Ex-servicemen who have written the protest letter to the Advocate General.

The Veterans, while stating they are writing the letter with a heavy heart, point out that General Rawat was a highly decorated soldier who has been a part of counter-insurgency operations and has served in Kashmir.

"The entire nation is mourning the death of General Bipin Rawat along with his two daughters. However, Resmitha R. Chandran, a Government Pleader at the High Court, who reports to you, has chosen to make disrespectful remarks against the late General on Facebook", the letter states.

The Veterans state in the letter that, "Please note that the lady is holding a responsible position of a Government Pleader for the State of Kerala at the High Court. She is enjoying the perks and privileges of the post and is being paid out of taxpayers' money. Her remarks, made at a time when the bodies of the deceased soldiers have not even been cremated, are in a very bad taste and reflect very poorly on the entire legal team of the State Government, including on your esteemed office."

Veterans, while highlighting that the controversial remarks continue to remain on the Facebook account of the Government Pleader, say that, "We are pained as Keralites, apart from being Ex-servicemen, to see such remarks, which are capable of inciting hatred towards the armed forces, being made by a person who represents our state before the High Court."

The remarks of the Government Pleader had elicited wide condemnation on social media.