The Delhi Police Commissioner has issued a circular banning the use of Urdu-Persian words in FIRs and said that the Urdu-Persian words shall not be used now. The Delhi Police has issued a list of 383 Urdu-Persian words saying that simple Hindi-English words shall only be used.

The circular dated April 11, 2023, consists of the instructions regarding the use of simple words while registering the FIR/accusation diary, etc. It is mentioned in the circular that in 2018, a public interest litigation W.P. (C) No. 6183/2018, titled "Vishalakshi Goyal v. Union of India" was filed before the Delhi High Court challenging the use of Urdu/Persian words by the Delhi Police while registering the FIR.

“Hon'ble Delhi High Court while passing an order in the above case on 07.08.2019 said that the FIR should be in the words of the complainant. Too much-complicated language, the meaning of which is to be found with the help of dictionaries, is not to be used in the FIR. Moreover, police officers are working for the general public at large and not for those who hold doctorate degrees in Urdu, Hindi, or Persian languages. As far as possible, simple words should be used in the FIR”, says the circular.

As per the circular, in pursuance of the above directions of the High Court, a list of common Urdu/Persian words along with their simple Hindi/English translations was prepared and sent to the Deputy Commissioners of Police of all Districts and Investigation Units so that the Inquiry Officer/Duty Officers shall be made aware of the same and be told that while registering the FIR, simple words shall be used, which can be easily understood by the complainant.

“In spite of issuing the above instructions, it is observed that the compliance of the above instructions is not satisfactory. While registering the FIR as well as preparing the indictment diary list and charge sheet etc., the archaic Urdu-Persian words are still being used by the Investigating Officer. Compliance with this circular shall be monitored by the supervisory officers not only at the police station level but also at the district level”, says the circular.

The Delhi Police has, therefore, ordered that all the SHOs/Investigating Officers/Duty Officers working under administrative control shall be made aware of this and shall be told that while registering the FIR, preparing list, charge sheet, etc., simple words shall be used as much as possible, which can be easily understood by the complainant.

“Non-compliance with the above instructions will be viewed seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken”, the Police directed.

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