In the wake of a tragic incident of the death of a final year girl student a few days ago, the Hidayatullah National Law University, yesterday, released a Press Release on 'Misinformation Against HNLU', in response to reports published by online media about the death.

The Press Release aims to address online portals that have disseminated unverified and unsupported reports. The intention behind issuing this clarification is to rectify the record concerning the unfortunate passing of a student, states the Public Relations and Student Welfare Officer of the HNLU.

The Press Release reads, "The information carried by some sections of online media/blogs relating to the unfortunate demise of our student a few days back is completely false and bereft of facts. We wish to state that the student was not debarred from writing any exams at any point of time and had no backlog (arrears) papers till the last Semester. In fact, she had a CGPA of 5.8 out of seven, which is considered as a very good score."

It is further stated in the Release that "The parents of the student came and cremated her at Raipur as per their wish and interacted with the administration of the University. The University earnestly appeals to the media not to insult the sensibility of the parents and also make undignified remarks about the departed soul without verifying the facts based on false narratives."

The Release by the HNLU emphasizes that the information being propagated in some online media outlets concerning the circumstances leading to the demise of our student is entirely false and devoid of factual basis. Also, contrary to the claims made in these reports, it has been stated that the student in question was not subjected to any academic debarment from writing exams at any point during their academic journey.

On August 24th, residents discovered the deceased individual lying unconscious on the washroom floor. She was swiftly taken to BALCO hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The jurisdiction police station is currently conducting an investigation to determine the precise cause of her death.