West Bengal Governor Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose in a press release expressed concern over the death toll in pre-election violence in the State. He has expressed shock that the media is also under attack. His statement read, "Shocked to hear that the death toll in pre-election in Bengal is increasing. It is revolting that the media is also under attack by the hooligans".

Referring to the order passed by Calcutta High Court the Governor said, "The Hon'ble Calcutta High Court has issued orders directing all concerned in unequivocal terms, to do their duty and to discharge their obligations as per the Constitution of India. The Court's verdict will be implemented in letter and spirit. In deference to the spirit of harmony and constructive cooperation, which forms the core of federalism in this Nation."

The Calcutta High Court, on a plea filed by Leader of Opposition of West Bengal Suvendu Adhikari and another individual, directed the deployment of central forces in all districts of West Bengal within 48 hours for the purpose of peaceful conduct of the upcoming Panchayat Elections.

The Governor said that the count of votes determines the victory in elections and not the count of dead bodies, the statement read, "Victory in Elections should depend on the count of votes not the count of dead bodies. Goons, hooligans, musclemen, the lumpen and crash elements of the underworld- lucifers, mammons and beelzebubs- shall not be allowed to rule the roost."

Referring to how these actions hinder democracy, the statement said, "When the fourth estate is under attack it means democracy is under attack. It means the common man is under attack. It means the Constitution is under attack. It means the new generation is under attack........In a democracy, people are the masters. It is their inalienable right to exercise their franchise, without fear. Violence has no place in democratic elections."

The Governor has said that Bengal is committed to protecting the right of the common man for freedom and peace in society. At the time when elections to the local bodies are about to take place, miscreants and those who flaunt muscle power will be brought to book and shown their due place behind bars, the release said.

He requested political parties, opinion leaders and all stakeholders to come together and "put down the forces of disruption and uphold the dignity of the common man" and stand united in protecting democracy. Further, "The forces of darkness should be made to realize that this is not a promise, but a commitment by the silent majority of Bengal." In this battle of Right against Might, Right should win, right will win", his statement read.