Retired Justice Kemal Pasha of Kerala High Court remarked in an interview on Monday that Christians in Kerala are earning money from Islamic Gulf countries to spread islamophobia in Kerala. Justice Pasha warned of the repercussions it may have; implying that there could be a reaction in the Gulf countries.

An estimated 35 lakh Keralites live in gulf countries for making a living.

Justice Kemal Pasha was reacting to the recent comment by Bishop of Pala, Mar Joseph Kallarangatt about 'Narcotic Jihad' in Kerala. The Bishop had said while addressing devotees in a Church that youngsters are facing the unprecedented threats of 'Love Jihad' and 'Narcotic Jihad' in the state. He quoted the Ex-DGP of Kerala Loknath Behera, who had said that Kerala has become a recruitment center of terrorists. The Bishop had said that 'Jihadis' have realized that it is not possible to use arms to destroy other religions in a democracy and hence they are now resorting to methods that are not easily identifiable, to achieve their goal. He had said that 'Love Jihad' and 'Narcotic Jihad' are two such methods.

Justice Kemal Pasha also said in the interview that large extend of lands across Kerala were allotted to a particular religious community by the British rulers. He said that these properties worth "lakhs of crores" were assigned on lease for 99 years. According to Justice Pasha, though the lease of such properties has already expired, no one is demanding the return of such properties because of the 'brotherhood' that exists in Kerala. He warned that if the 'brotherhood' is lost, people will start demanding that such properties be returned by the religious community to the government.

Justice Pasha said that the extent of such properties should be found out, as the British did not have any right to assign lands in that fashion.

Justice Kemal Pasha also said in the interview that if Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt does not come forward to give information to police about the Narcotic dealings he spoke about, it will amount to commission of an offence by the Bishop.

Justice Kemal Pasha retired from the High Court Kerala in May 2018. Before elevation, Justice Pasha has served as Principle Sessions District and Sessions Judge, Special Judge CBI and as the Registrar General of Kerala High Court.