The state of Gujarat was always number one in every field as compared to other States in the Country. It has always remained vibrant and it is the place my heart belongs to, Justice MR Shah during the virtual launch event of the pilot implementation of live streaming of proceedings of courts of all the Principal District Judges Courts in the State.

Gujarat is the first state to record and live stream the proceedings before all Principal District Judges in the state.

"I am proud to say that Gujarat has always shown vibrancy and has remained Vibrant. Gujarat is always number one in every field right from live streaming of the Court proceedings of all the benches of the High Court and now live streaming of the court proceedings of the district judges. No High Court, no state in the entire country has started live streaming of all the court proceedings of all the courts in the state. I am proud that I belong to a high court that is always vibrant. Physically I may not be with you, but by heart, I am always with the Gujarat High Court. I always consider Gujarat High Court as my High Court" said Justice MR Shah while inaugurating the initiative.

Supreme Court Judges, Justice MR Shah and Justice J. B. Pardiwala inaugurated the initiative virtually.

Justice MR Shah and Justice JB Pardiwala, both discussed how it was the dream of Justice DY Chandrachud, Chief Justice of India, to have transparency in the justice delivery system and how the Supreme Court’s judgment in the case of Swapnil Tripathi paved the way for the introduction of transparency measures such as live streaming of the court proceedings.

Justice Mr Shah said that the live streaming, apart from the concerned litigant, would also help every person, every student sitting in a village in knowing what is happening in the Supreme Court and how the Court proceedings are being conducted. He pointed out, in a lighter vein, that now nobody can bluff by saying that his matter was not called out or that they have not come well prepared,

Justice MR Shah further said that with the launching of the Judicial Officers’ Portal, not only transparency would be enhanced but it would also enhance the performance of the judicial officers as records of leaves taken by them and legal history would be maintained. He emphasised that “what is important is your performance what is important is how you deal with the matters what is important is how you decide the matter.”

He concluded by saying that “God has selected you and given you this post to serve the nation to Serve the country and to serve the Common Man. So please bear in mind, and in fact I wish, that so far as the leave is concerned or the e-leave is concerned there shall be less use by the judicial officers. We are given the opportunity to serve the nation.”

Justice J B Pardiwala inaugurated the Judicial Officer's Portal for the Judicial Officers of all the cadres of the State of Gujarat, which was developed in-house by the Gujarat High Court. It was aimed at Judicial administration by the Gujarat HC, relating to the service and career of Judicial officers.

Further, highlighting the features of the JO Portal, Justice Pardiwala said that "the judicial officers portal also has a secure mechanism of submitting self-appraisal by the judicial officers in online mode which would be evaluated by the reporting authorities in e-mode. The annual property statement to be submitted by all the judicial officers of the state as per the applicable rules would also now be submitted online through those judicial officers portal."

"Courts in a democracy do not belong to the lawyers or the judges, they belong to the people. The consumers of Justice look upon the judicial officers for justice. I am sure that this commendable initiative by the High Court of Gujarat will enhance the user-friendliness, objectivity and transparency of the High Court administration in regard to the Affairs of the judicial officers thereby boosting the morale of Judicial Officers, the face of judiciary for masters of stakeholders of the Justice delivery system." said Justice Pardiwala.

Both, Justice MR Shah and Justice JB Pardiwala congratulated the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court and other dignitaries of Gujarat High Court on achieving this milestone.