The Bar Council of Kerala has passed a resolution expressing anguish over the brutal killing of Advocate Ranjith Sreenivasan on Sunday in the Alappuzha District of Kerala.

Advocate Ranjith Sreenivasan, an active member of the Alleppey Bar Association and the State Secretary of the OBC Morcha of Bharatiya Janata Party, Kerala state was hacked to death inside his house on Sunday morning, in front of his mother, wife and daughter. (read report)

Advocates of the Alleppey Bar Association had abstained from Court proceedings today, in protest against the killing, while demanding constitution of a Special Investigative Team to probe into the killing.

The Bar Council of Kerala has passed a resolution extending condolences to the bereaved family, while also stating, "The Council also demanded the Police Authority to take strict action against the culprits who have done this heinous crime."

SDPI, the political outfit of the Popular Front of India is alleged to be behind the killing, in retaliation for the murder of the state secretary of SDPI on Saturday evening.

The Executive Committee of the Alleppey Bar Association had also taken a decision on Sunday night that no member of the Alappuzha Bar will appear for those accused of the killing of Ranjith.

The President of the Alleppey Bar Association, Advocate Jayakumar told Verdictum that Advocate Ranjith Sreenivasan and his wife Advocate Lisha were active members of the Bar and that the untimely demise of Ranjith is a loss to the Bar and Society. "The brutal killing is a cowardly act and the culprits, whoever they are, should be booked and punished", Advocate Jayakumar said.

He blamed the Police for lack of vigilance after the murder of the SDPI leader on Saturday. "The killings that are taking place clearly indicate the failure of the intelligence department. Police should definitely have been more vigilant after the first incident", he said.

The President of the Association also stressed the need to provide security to lawyers. "Two months back, a Government Pleader was threatened by the accused in a case when they were found guilty by Court. Security has to be increased", he added.

While speaking to local media, the mother of Advocate Ranjith Sreenivasan has divulged more gory details about the murder, including that she was held down with a chair, with a knife to her neck while her son was attacked and that Ranjith was stripped by the assailants in front of his family before being hacked to death.

The mortal remains of Advocate Ranjith Sreenivasan were cremated today after it was kept in the Alappuzha District Court complex, where a large number of lawyers and judges paid their last respects.

The Police is yet to apprehend those behind the murder.

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