The Bar Council of India has passed a resolution with regard to exemption of time period with respect to passing All India Bar Examination after Enrolment as an Advocate.

The BCI has said that the period from October 31, 2021 till April 2023 shall remain exempted and will not be counted while calculating the two-year period from the date of enrolment for counting the time period for clearing AIBE.

“By way of this instant resolution, dated 30th December 2022, it is hereby resolved that the period from the date of the last All India Bar Exam held on 31st October 2021, till April 2023, by which time, the result of next AIBE is likely to be declared, is hereby exempted from being counted as a necessary time period from the point of view of considering it within the requisite time period of two years from the date of enrolment as an Advocate to pass AIBE.”, the circular by BCI read.

The Bar Council of India stated that it had been receiving requests from many advocates that owing to pandemic they suffered miserably. It further added that may of them were not able to take care of basic necessities of their families. Also, many advocates lost their near ones during the pandemic.

“Inspite of the best efforts of BCI, State Bar Councils, various Bar Associations and many magnanimous Advocates, the legal fraternity as a whole suffered a lot due to closure of courts. Thereafter, hogging of virtual hearings by a certain segment of Advocates and also due to the reduction in the number of litigations owing to the pandemic, also led to a majority of the legal fraternity from being literally deprived of their right to livelihood.”, BCI said in a circular issued to the Secretaries of all State Bar Councils.

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