The Bar Council of Delhi on April 26, 2023, released an important circular stating that "the elections in all the Bar Associations in Delhi/New Delhi would be held one day/one date and the term of the election would be two years."

In the meeting conducted by the office bearers and Members of the Bar Council of Delhi along with Presidents and Secretaries of all the Bar associations, it was unanimously resolved that the elections of all the Bar associations in Delhi would be held on one day. A Committee has been constituted to frame the rules for conducting the election on the same day and place them in the next meeting, which will be convened on May 5, 2023.

The circular further states that "Since the matter of elections of all Bar Associations is under consideration and the meanwhile, if there is any election/elections due of any Bar Association, the process of the same shall not be initiated till the finalisation by the Committee so constituted to frame the rules and decide the day on which the election of all the Bar Association shall take place."

Speaking to Verdictum, Advocate Sanjay Rathee, the former Hony. Secretary and a member of the Bar Council of Delhi said that the intent behind this move is to save time and energy. He further said that "we already have the policy of One bar-One vote and that this decision is taken unanimously among the District Bar Associations and Delhi Bar Council to have one date of elections in Delhi similarly to the State of Haryana and Rajasthan."

He said, "The idea is to have one day of elections and tenure of two years because these scattered elections cause halts in the functioning of the Hon'ble Courts with wastage of time and energy of Advocates". He added that one of the objectives of the move is to avoid 'bogus voting'. Advocate Sanjay Rathee has been appointed as a member of the Committee constituted to frame the rules of one-day/one-date elections.

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