Senior Advocate Vivek Sood speaks about the malfunctions of the criminal justice system and highlights how he portrays the same in his latest publication titled “Chaff and Grain: Guilt, Innocence and the Dilemmas of Justice” in an interview with Ananya Singh.

Mr. Sood is well known for his expertise in various branches of law including constitutional, commercial, technology and criminal laws and has written extensively on the subjects of cybercrime, intellectual property rights and the right to privacy. With the aim to make the law understandable and comprehendible to the general public, he has written his latest book which mentions widely popular cases of Arushi Talwar, Jessica Lal, Nirbhaya, Arnab Goswami among others.

In this interview, Mr. Sood talks about various issues within the legal system and shares his views on the rise in fake cases relating to dowry, SC ST Act and the laws relating to sexual violence against women. He touches upon the issue of Fake Encounters and the issue of social media abuse. He has coined the term “Malvestigation”, which he explains in detail.

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The interview is embedded above and can be viewed here.