Senior Advocate Mohan Katarki speaks about Trans Boundary Water Laws and highlights how international water disputes arise and how they can be dealt with while also elaborating the judicial principles that are applied generally to tackle with conflicts and ideally what principles should be applied in an interview with Ananya Singh.

Mr. Katarki is a Senior Counsel at the Supreme Court of India and a well known expert in “Water Laws”. He has played an instrumental role in cases relating to trans boundary water disputes of national as well as international borders and has represented in water disputes like Cauvery, Krishna, Ravi and Baes. He has published several papers on the subject and has spoken on the subject at various national and international conferences.

In this interview, he talks about International Waters and doctrines used while governing water conflicts while also talking in depth about the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra, Teesta rivers that run through the territory of India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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