In this series titled “Women In The Bar”, we speak with women lawyers in various courts across the country and highlight the experiences and challenges they have faced in their journey.

Our guest in this interview, Advocate Sangita Pradhan, is the first Deputy Solicitor General of India for the Sikkim High Court. She started her journey in the field of law after finishing her graduation in 2006 and enrolling as an advocate a year later. She appeared before various legal forums and gained experience in civil, criminal and consumer forum affairs before being appointed as the first Assistant Solicitor General of India for the Sikkim High Court, later redesignated as the Deputy Solicitor General of India.

Ms. Pradhan tells Ananya Singh in this interview about the challenges she faced throughout her litigation journey and how she triumphed over them. She talks about facing gender stereotypes while highlighting how the times are changing and women lawyers are being preferred over male lawyers due to the hard work and emotional efforts they put into each case. She considers the fact that women lawyers put emotional efforts into cases to be their strength and not a weakness. She also talks about how it is different being a litigator for the Central Government in comparison to representing private parties.

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