Senior Advocate Ashok Mehta speaks about the Importance of the use of Regional Languages in the Judiciary in an interview with Ananya Singh on the occasion of International Mother Language Day.

He highlights how justice should be made accessible to each and every person seeking it in the language not only of his choice but understanding and emphasises the need to work on Artificial Intelligence to help judges understand and deliver better justice to the litigants.

Senior Advocate Ashok Mehta completed his LLB in 1980 and thereafter got himself enrolled in UP Bar Council. He has worked as a Special Counsel of the UP Government in 1992. Thereafter, he worked as Chief Standing Counsel of the Uttar Pradesh Government. He has been working incessantly for the advancement of “Bhasha” as part of the Bhasha Abhiyaan in making justice available to the weakest sections of the society in their mother language for a better understanding of their rights.

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