Ravi Lochan is a finance professional and trustee of Indic Collective Trust and People for Dharma.

Indic Collective Trus is a legal advocacy group that has been at the forefront of many important litigations, including about the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the deportation of Rohingyas, the firecracker ban etc. The People for Dharma is another similar organisation that intervened in the Sabarimala case and advanced important arguments.

In the interview with Sukriti Singh, Ravi Lochan speaks about the government's control of Hindu religious endowments and the consequent mismanagement of Hindu Temples and their wealth.

Ravi Lochan also speaks about the impact of the Land Reforms Laws brought by the Communist government in Kerala on Temple lands in the state. His observations give context to the recent remark by Justice Indu Malhotra, retired Judge of the Supreme Court about the role of the Communist government in the nationalisation of Hindu Temples.

The interview is embedded above and can also be viewed here.