Advocate M Sundari Rami Reddy speaks about the Ancient Indian Jurisprudence in an interview with Ananya Singh.

He highlights how the lawmakers and the present legal system are highly influenced by the British Colonial System of Governance and how the ancient legal system which was essentially based on “Dharma” and the object of which was the welfare of all, was completely ignored by legal luminaries who drafted the present legal system.

Advocate Reddy has given his views in a work titled “Legal System is defaced and defiled Dharma” and believes that in India there is a need for an alternative legal system that is for and by the Indians and free of colonial whims.

Advocate M Sundari Rami Reddy finished his law in 1971 from Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati and thereafter practiced in Mofussil Courts for some years. He then went on to do his Masters Degree in Constitutional Law and International Law.

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