The Supreme Court today transferred to CBI the investigation against former Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh over the allegations of misconduct and corruption.

The Supreme Court has also refused to revoke the suspension of Param Bir Singh and has said that future FIRs too will be transferred to the CBI.

A very murky affair is going on amid echelons of power on who should investigate the matter, a Bench of Justice S K Kaul and Justice M M Sundresh said.

The Apex Court said a thorough investigation is required to regain faith of people in the state police.

The Bench said, "We are unable to accept the contention that an FIR is registered by those who had complaints against the petitioner. We are of the view that state itself should have allowed CBI to carry the investigation".

"We are of the prima facie view that there is some concerted effort which needs the investigation by CBI. What is the truth, who is at fault how does such a scenario come to prevail is something which investigation must get into. CBI must hold an impartial inquiry into all these aspects", the Court said.

The Apex Court said that it was not commenting on the merits of the allegations as it does not want the investigation to be influenced in any manner.

"We do not want the investigation to be influenced by the observation of this court. The High Court has treated this as a service dispute which it is not and thus we set aside the HC verdict. We allow the appeal and direct the probe into 5 FIRs be transferred to CBI with all records", the Bench observed.

"Such transfer to be completed within one week and all officials to extend full cooperation to CBI to try arrive at the truth," the Bench said.